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In 2004, I went on a date with a man that ended in rape. My rape didn't look like any of the other stories I'd heard. I wasn't jumped in a dark alley or roofied at a frat party. It took months to come up with the right name for what had happened to me: Rape.

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Do you have a story that you've been itching to tell? Something that you either need to tell for your own healing or that you think others should hear for theirs? You can submit your story to be posted here either signed or anonymously and be part of the story telling movement to change the phenomenon of violence against women.

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Our Story

The only way to change is together. You are not alone. This site is only one voice in the global conversation around the gender-based oppression that women face every day. Learn about the organizations that are contributing to this conversation and how you can get help for the challenges you face personally.

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Times are a Changing...

The world is starting to wake up. But it's like it's still stuck in a kind of sleep paralysis. It needs help. It needs us to tell our stories.

I've heard many men and women express confusion and distress over the news stories that are surfacing around people that we've known for years, calling them out to be perpetrators of violence against women. These are actors, politicians, and public figures that are well-loved, only to be shown to be not such fantastic people.

It's not always that they were leading secret lives where they abused women or wanted to hurt others. Sometimes, it's because they didn't know what they were doing was wrong. We've lived in a "boys will be boys" world for too long. Now the conversation is changing and the truth of what it's like to be a woman in society today is finally being shown.

Now is the time to tell our stories. Now is the time to paint the picture of what it looks like and feels like to live as a woman, the struggles we face that men don't.

This site is meant as a gathering place. I will tell all my own stories. I want to hear yours as well.

What you can do on this site:

  • Read my stories
  • Tell your own story
  • Find helpful resources
  • Read my blog of random commentary on the world of feminism

Our stories have power. They can teach the next generations of women and make the world better for them and ourselves today. Join us to build a better today and tomorrow.